Twin Cities Mental Health & Couples Center is committed to providing personalized support in a professional context for individuals, couples & families. Whatever your age or stage in life-preparing for marriage, raising a family, going through divorce, grieving loss, learning to love yourself, forgiving those who hurt you most, or looking for the path of abundance and gratitude-at Twin Cities Mental Health & Couples Center. you will be reminded that you have value, that there is purpose in the struggle and that hope is within your reach.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

-John Quincy Adams

Meet Our Staff

Faten Khoury, MS, LMFT

My approach at Twin Cities Mental Health & Couples Center is based on a collaborative, integrative, holistic and specialized process tailored to your needs. People seek therapy for many reasons such as: difficulties in their personal or professional lives caused by current stressors or unresolved traumas, conflicts that cause fear, shame, anger, sadness, helplessness and the inability to concentrate, function, or be fully engaged in life. I work collaboratively with individuals, couples, & families to help face their challenges through creating new insight, forming solutions to problems and creating action plans.

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Denise Zajac MAT, MS, LMFT

My systemic, non-judgmental, holistic and integrative process integrates family structure, relationship dynamics, specific cognitive- behavioral, experiential, Internal Family Systems, EMDR and spirituality/mindfulness approaches. Words that embody my beliefs and values in the therapeutic relationship are acceptance, respect, empathy, perspective, challenge, meaning & change.

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Danielle Nelson

I am a Mental Health Practitioner working towards licensure in counseling psychology. I have prior experience in trauma-focused therapy with adolescents and adults as well as providing individual and group therapy to children with mental illness (with specific work being children with autism).In addition, I have worked with young adults to help them understand their role in relationships, in addition to assisting them in creating healthier boundaries for more fulfilling relationships.

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