• Marriage / Couples Therapy

    Research suggests the number one reason couples seek therapy is due to issues surrounding the lack of deep connectedness and miscommunication. Most couples enter into a relationship/marriage without ever learning how to effectively communicate or articulate their feelings and needs accurately. The ability to listen intuitively and empathically to one another, takes self-awareness, practice and skill. The therapists at Twin Cities Mental Health & Couples Center are experienced and well trained to understand the source of the anxiety, that is mostly rooted in family origin and has been past to the nuclear family, that is causing some of the challenges in connecting deeply to your partner. In addition we teach couples non-violent communication skills, to help them heal and strengthen relationships.

    Often couples have sex and intimacy problems, which are often difficult to discuss, can lead to an unsatisfying relationship and are an indication of other problem areas within the relationship. Our experience in sex therapy, coupled with our safe and trusting environment, will allow you to address your sex and intimacy concerns and start enjoying a healthy and satisfying sex life.

    Conflict due to many factors such as infidelity, emotional distancing, and family of origin issues can leave couples feeling emotionally hurt, angry, resentful and misunderstood. Couples need to understand conflict from different perspectives and find transformative ways to resolve conflict. Our goal so to teach each partner new tools to communicate, resolve conflict and rediscover the richness of their relationship.