• Sex and Intimacy Therapy

    The therapists at Twin Cities Mental Health & Couples Center are trained to treat all aspects of a marital or couple relationship, including sex and intimacy issues. We offer a safe and comfortable setting for you to talk about your sexuality and sexual concerns. Our sessions are educational and include a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach that focuses on human sexuality and intimacy. Our clients gain a better understanding of their sex and intimacy concerns with this treatment modality.

    Common Concerns for Sex Therapy:

    • Sexual functioning/satisfaction
    • Sexual addiction or compulsive sexual behavior(s)
    • Open/honest sexual communication
    • Increase sexual awareness
    • Enhance intimacy/closeness
    • Grief/loss and healing from a sexual traumatic experience
    • Discuss sexual attitudes, needs and desires including sexual drive and sexual desire
    • Difficulty achieving orgasm, no or low sex drive, performance and anxiety issues
    • Sex after infidelity, including pornography use
    • STD’s and safe sex
    • Sex after cancer or other medical illness including aging
    • Sex and infertility
    • Shame and body issues
    • Female issues including: hypoactive desire, painful intercourse, difficulty achieving orgasm, menopause, sexual abuse, body image concerns, and sexual identity issues
    • Male issues including: inability to achieve or sustain erection (ED), premature ejaculation, difficulty achieving orgasm, hypoactive desire, sexual abuse, performance anxiety, and sexual identity issues