• Individual Counseling

    Feelings of loneliness, brokenness, emptiness, life seems meaningless, stuck, fearful, issues of self-esteem and intimate relationship issues are some of the reasons individuals seek therapy. Perhaps you are dealing with stress, life-stage issues such as work/family balance, grief-related issues, a difficult relationship, a break up or betrayal. Individuals seek counseling for past trauma that is showing up in their personal life or relationships.

    Twin Cities Mental Health & Couples Center provides individual counseling in a confidential, comfortable and supportive environment. You will begin to explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviors to gain deeper insight into what is dissatisfying in your present life. We will examine how past relationship dynamics may be affecting your present life situation(s) and help you to develop a deeper self-awareness that can have a transformative effect for your life. Individual counseling will give you a new skills set to help you be better equipped to live a more satisfying life and achieve the healing and changes you are seeking.

    Common Concerns for Individual Counseling:

    • Anxiety/Depression
    • Individual and Family Life-stage issues
    • Family/Relationship Issues/Stress
    • Guilt/Shame
    • PTSD/Trauma/Abuse
    • Anger
    • Grief/Loss
    • Sexuality and Intimacy Concerns
    • Self-Worth/Body Image
    • Addictions
    • Divorce/Infidelity/Emotional Affairs
    • Acculturation
    • Life-consuming mental/physical illness